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My name is Karen Burman - Ben Itay. 
My mission in life is to help people as much as I can, using natural medicine in traditional methods of healing. 
In my search for a more natural way to live my life and take care of my children I discovered the power of massage therapy, the amazing qualities of aromatherapy and Bach flower therapy, and the importance of the doula support during labor.
The more experience I gained, the more I realized that you can solve most ailments by natural means. 
Following this enlightenment I changed my life and I began to study alternative medicine. 
After studding with some of the best in their fields, I now specialize in treating women, infants and children with aromatherapy, massage and Bach Flowers. 
With all these tools I support women from the stage of preparation for pregnancy through pregnancy and labor, and child care in a natural way. 

Today I am a doula and holistic therapist and nothing satisfies me more than to know that I really can help people feel better. I'm happy when patients realize they can help themselves through me. 
The real satisfaction for me is treating children - as I began to treat children with aromatherapy and Bach flower remedies and I saw how they respond to treatments I realized I was in the right place.  A child's suffering, whether physical or mental (and we know absolutely that things are related) is something that can be alleviated significantly by natural means with no side effects and long-term implications.  Many parents are not sufficiently aware of the capabilities of alternative medicine and aromatherapy in particular.  My vision is to bring awareness to the natural treatment so that parents will treat their children in a holistic and natural way as possible.