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What is Aromatherapy? 
Aromatherapy is scent medicine, which works on several levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 
Pure essential oils contain the essence of the plant. The natural active ingredients from the plant (or part of it) are what affect our body. The scent molecules penetrate our body in many ways: 
 First - through the nose, smelling, directly to the brain, triggering receptors that carry the scent molecules directly to the limbic system, where they operations on the plains; 
  • Mind - such as sedation, depression or anxiety treatment 
  • Mental - like concentration, memory 
  • Spiritual - meditation, connecting, communicating 
  • Physical - the smell is directly related to our body's memory. 
The smell of something can trigger a physical reaction even if we do not recognize of what the smell. 
The second level is the physiological level.  Whether in application, massage, steam, smelling or swallowing, aromatic oils penetrate through the skin into the bloodstream and act on our body systems using active ingredients found in every oil and healing them. 
Aromatherapy treatment works on two levels: symptomatic and holistic. 
After a thorough assessment and questioning a patient, I create a synergy (therapeutic combination in the form of oil, cream or ointment) that contains carrier oils and essential oils, which aim to bring the patient's body into balance and thus aid in healing. The synergy treats both the physical and the mental element of the problem. 
Aromatherapy can be very helpful in treating pregnant women, children and infants. When treating sensitive people, I use Specific subtle essential oils, in low doses. 

Problems that can be treated 
Aromatherapy can treat many illnesses and ailments. 
Life-threatening situations you should immediately seek emergency medical help. When no longer in jeopardy, we can then help in healing with aromatherapy.  
With chronic diseases, aromatherapy can often help instead or along with conventional medicine.  Some conditions and diseases which can be treated: 
Psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, seborrhea, diaper rash, burns, cuts, lice, fungus, muscle spasm, rheumatic pains, tendonitis, asthma, sinusitis, coughs, colds, strep throat, ear infection, abdominal pain and digestive problems, nausea, worms, thyroid problems, urinary tract infection, hormonal problems, headaches and migraines, hypertension, stress, nervousness, and much more.

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