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The method of healing using Bach flowers works on the energetic level to balance emotions. The method was developed by the physician and homeopath Dr. Edward Bach, in England early 20th century. The basic assumption underlying the method of Bach is that the core of all illness, pain or physical disorder folds in it a hidden mental factor. 
Identification, treating and balancing of the psyche level ease physical symptoms and allow prevention of disease and recovery from them more easily. 
The logic behind the treatment of these flowers is that every emotion in our body has a certain frequency. An unbalanced feeling creates an unbalanced frequency. This imbalance creates a snowball effect that eventually (in a slow or fast paste) becomes a mental or physical imbalance, that is - a disease. 
The Bach series includes 38 different Bach flower essences derived from wild flowers, trees or shrubs (one extract from a spring) divided into seven categories of unwanted emotional states such as stress, tension, fear, loneliness, insecurity, lack of interest in the surroundings, excessive concern for others, hypersensitivity, despair or depression, mental fatigue and more. Dr. Bach found that every plant has a different frequency, so that taking the flower essence balances the matching emotional frequency. 

The treatment method looks at a soul like an onion, filled with layers upon layers of repressed emotions, fears and inhibitions. Using Bach essences, you can peel off one layer after another, and get to the root of person's truth, and thus live a balanced life, healthy and without barriers. 
An excellent use of Bach essences is when treating children. Children experience emotional and mental distress on a very basic level and if caught it in time, there will not be a need to peel away layers of defenses and complexes to reach the real problem and deal with it. 

How does a Bach therapy work? 
Bach flower therapy combines a talking session and a therapeutic essence to be taken orally. 
The session occurs once every two weeks. After about an hour's conversation, the patient receives a vial containing a combination of essences that will help him balance the areas of distress or imbalance in his life. The combination of essences can change from one session to another. 

RESCUE Remedy®
RESCUE Remedy® is the most known Bach flower remedy. It is actually made of a combination of 5 flower essences and sold in the same unique signature bottle in pharmacies around the world. The RESCUE Remedy® helps restore inner calm and control. It’s relied upon for a wide range of everyday stressful situations as it can be taken by anyone, anywhere.