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Doula - Labor Support

My goal as a doula is for you to feel safe, calm and sure that someone is there with you, concerned for just you - listening to your needs, supporting your wishes, taking care of your pain and stress. 
I believe that a doula can help every birth, whether it's a first baby, second or eighth, natural childbirth, birth with painkillers and even a Cesarean delivery. 

What is a doula? 
The word doula is Greek for a servant woman. 
In the old days, when women gave birth at home, help during pregnancy and childbirth was given by experienced women within the community who served and supported the woman giving birth. 
With the transition to birth in hospitals, the woman lost her intimate female support, in the intense, emotional and physically exhausting process than anything she experienced or will experience in her life. 
The Doula works in conjunction with medical staff, but unlike the midwife and doctor, she is only there to support the woman in the process she is going through. The doula does not perform medical tests and does not replace the obstetrician staff. She is there to relieve pain, help cope with stress, motivate and facilitate the best birth for the mother. 

Some stats... 
Statistical studies show that births which a certified doula participates in, are: 
  • Shorter Births 
  • Less need for pain medication (60% less use of epidurals) 
  • Using less induction materials (Pitocin) 
  • less episiotomies 
  • 50% fewer Cesareans
  • 40% less use of forceps and vacuum 
  • Better newborn condition 
  • Greater satisfaction from birth 

My work method
My support process has at least three sessions. 
Two meetings with the mother-to-be before birth, including at least one with accompanying spouse or birth partner, a hand in hand support and assistance throughout the entire labor and birth, and one meeting after the birth.
Throughout the whole support process you can contact me by telephone, text or email, and consult on all matters. 

The first meeting - no obligation Consultation Meeting 
During the meeting we get to know one another, talk about your expectations of the birth and of me as your doula. 
I will explain my place in the process and introduce ways in which I can help during labor. 
We will set the terms of engagement between us. 
In addition, if needed, I can provide a Bach Flower Remedy to help you prepare for childbirth. The remedy will help dispel fears and concerns and reduce stress in both partners. 

The second meeting 
In this session we get to know each other more deeply, we learn to trust each other. We will practice movement, breathing and positions. Next, we'll talk about the Birth Plan and discuss your arrival to the maternity ward.
At this session it is optional to have a soothing aromatherapy massage. 
It's coming... 
I accompany you from the first signs of labor – strong and frequent contractions or your water breaks - and I stay with you throughout the birth. 
During labor, whether at home, birthing center or in hospital, I will support you physically and mentally and help you and your partner in the process. 
To relive the pain and facilitate the process, I will use all my tools and all the techniques I've mastered - aromatic oils, massage, Bach flower remedies, reflexology, shiatsu, guided imagery and more. 
I will help you and your partner understand medical terminology and processes so you can make informed decisions. I will stand by your side in every decision you will make and I will do all I can so that the birth experience will be a positive experience for you, for your partner and for your baby. 
The third meeting 
This session will summarize the experience of labor & birth. I will advise and answer questions you have, will guide and assist you on your baby primary care issues. 

Baby massage
An optional extra Meeting where I will teach you baby massage, combining aromatherapy oils. You will also receive tips and guidance on how to relief digestive problems, nervousness, sleep problems and more.