Karen Burman

Natural Medicine Therapist & Doula
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How can I help?

The holistic approach helps me to hear and understand the whole story from many angles, find out the root of the matter and then, using aromatherapy treatment, various types of massage, Bach flower remedies or some combination of treatment types, we can together improve the situation! 
Children and babies benefit from the same treatments and products and the respond amazingly fast to natural treatment!

How will we do it?
We'll start with a conversation, find out what the problem is and we'll decide together what the correct way to handle it is.  Of course, many times an emotional problem is expressed in a physical way (pain, rash, IBS, etc.) and physical symptom can manifest itself in emotional distress. 
For this reason we want to combine several types of treatment to help us on all fronts. 
  • Aromatherapy for digestion, migraine, skin issues, various pains, sleep problems, hypertension, infertility and more.  
  • Bach flower remedies to treat anxiety, stress, difficulty coping, mood swings, attention deficit disorders, chronic headaches and more. 
  • Massage helps relieve muscle tension or spasm, stress, joint problems, frozen shoulder, back pain and more. 
  • Natural products customized to your needs. Skin care, medicinal ointments, creams and oils, made from all natural pure ingredients.  Without chemical preservatives and fragrance. 
Pregnancy Coach and Doula
Pregnancy and labor, especially for the first time mom, are an exciting new experience. Many times, this exciting experience is accompanied with physical and emotional experiences less exciting...  Nausea and vomiting, pain, stress, tension, fears and anxieties. These are all perfectly normal situations that occur in many women. 
To help women during this challenging period I have developed a unique combination of assistance and support from all sides.  
  • Pregnancy Coach – you will receive a personal meeting every two weeks, a combination of advice, guidance, treatment and massage. The meetings will begin the first weeks of pregnancy but can be started at any stage.
  • Doula - Labor support – maternity guidance and support during labor, pain relief and help in coping with physical and emotional issues during childbirth. 
  • Natural Products for pregnancy and labor - specifically adapted to the different stages of pregnancy and childbirth. Made from all natural pure ingredients. Without chemical preservatives and fragrance.