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Natural Medicine Therapist & Doula
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Therapeutic Massage

The purpose of massage is usually unclamping the rigid muscles, ease tension and blood flow to the edges, but often massage is very effective in treating headaches and migraines, removal of toxins and strengthening the immune system, regulating the digestive system, speeding up the healing of scar tissue and helps prevent infections, as well as support therapy for high blood pressure. Massage is also effective in cases of sleep disorders, insomnia, feeling of tiredness and lack of vitality and support in dealing with depression. 

Massage therapy for children is effective in improving conditions such as Hypo tonicity (low muscle tone), hyperactivity, poor posture and motor function correctly. Massage improves concentration, allows the ability to cope better with frustration, stress and anxiety, nervousness and improves the relationship with parents. 

Infant massage helps them to know their body and its limits, stabilize muscle tone, develop on to turning, crawling, walking. Massage strengthens the immune system, respiratory system, the skeletal and nervous system. It also is very effective for treating abdominal pain and gas, and for relaxation and good deep sleep.

Types of treatments I provide
  • Swede Holistic Massage – A soothing and relaxing treatment. addresses tension, muscle aches and stress. 
  • Indian Massage – A treatment carried out using hot Basalt stones. Aimed to reach deep muscles, channel energy and soothe all the body systems.
  • Aromatherapy Massage – Combining essential oils in the massage therapy addresses a wider range of issues, such as hormonal disorders, hypertension, gastrointestinal problems and more.
  • Thai Massage – A deep and intensive treatment that pumps the blood and releases muscles 
  • Deep Focused Massage – Treating acute situations such as frozen shoulder, a closed basin, back or neck spas, etc. 
  • Pregnancy Massage – A gentle and relaxing treatment connecting the woman to her body and her fetus.
  • Infant Massage – Treats indigestion, flatulence, nervousness and insomnia, aromatherapy oils combined. A gentle and attentive care that helps the baby relax and develop. 

It is very important to me that I connect with my patient and his feelings.
Many times I will combine several methods of therapy to strengthen the treatment and "attack" the issue from all directions.