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Pets are people too

Animals can benefit from natural healing, just like humans! 
Aromatherapy treatment and Bach flowers work well even on our pets, who sometimes suffer from diseases, pain and mental distress. In some cases the alternative treatment is more effective and cheaper than the conventional treatment and can be taken in addition to or instead (depending on the nature and severity of the problem). 

Bach Flowers
Just like us, dogs and cats have a variety of emotions such as fear, separation anxiety, and depression. 
Any major change in the family, such as moving house or birth, the animal may respond with aggression or depression. When the owner travels and leaves the pet in an unfamiliar place or with an unfamiliar person, they may not respond well to the change. Also meeting with the vet can often raise anxiety or aggressiveness. 
Bach Flowers Remedies balance these feelings so that they can adapt to changes more easily to the new situation. Typically, one-time treatment or short-term, will significantly improve the coping capacity of your pet with this situation. 

Aromatherapy is effective at treating animals just as effective on humans. You can treat scratches, nicks and cuts (using Lavender and Tea Tree), breathing problems (Eucalyptus) and digestive problems (Chamomile), ear infections (Lavender) and a large variety of other diseases. 

A qualified practitioner should be consulted for dosages, treatment instructions and other guidelines.