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Pregnancy Coach

Pregnancy and childbirth, especially for the first time, are an exciting new experience. Many times, this exciting experience comes with physical and emotional experiences less exciting...  Effects such as nausea and vomiting, pains, swelling, stress, tension, fears and anxieties are integral and perfectly normal pregnancy of most women. 
In the old days, when women gave birth at home, help during pregnancy and childbirth was given by experienced women within the community who served and supported the woman giving birth. 
Today, we live in an age when most of us, during pregnancy, are monitored by a medical doctor or nurse, but the daily coping with aches, pains, feelings, pressure, tension, fears and questions we face alone. Even the labor we experience alone (or at best with a spouse) in a hospital, without real feminine support, one who knows what we are going through and can provide us with the physical and spiritual support we need. When we come home we have to learn alone (or with little help) to breast-feed, diaper, bathe and care for our baby and all this while showing a happy and satisfied appearance.
For some of us, coping with pregnancy and childbirth is easier and some of us find it difficult to cope, but for all of us it is accompanied by concerns, pains and stress on some level. 
To help the women in this process I have developed a unique combination of assistance and support from all sides. I call it Hand in Hand
Counseling, Aromatherapy, Bach therapy, massage, information and guidance - all this in a personal, one on one meeting, once every two weeks, from the beginning of pregnancy or any other stage where you would be interested, then through labor and as much as you need.

 * This escort does not replace conventional pregnancy checkups and monitoring.

In the Hand in Hand coaching: 
  • We will talk and monitor your physical and emotional wellbeing 
  • I will guide you through each stage of your pregnancy, preparing for tests and development. 
  • Bach flower therapy – When needed, you will receive a Bach Remedy specific for your needs, to help deal with troubling thoughts, fears and other emotional issues 
  • Aromatherapy treatment - Preparation of a personal synergy for physical problems that you might encounter. Such as nausea, rash, pain, swelling etc. 
  • Massage therapy – In each meeting you will receive a special pregnancy massage. Relaxing and connecting you to your body and your fetus, focusing on specific problems such as back pain, legs, etc. 
First meeting (about two hours) - introduction, a discussion about the Hand in Hand program, preparation for coming up tests, what to do and not do during pregnancy, dietary supplements, Massage therapy. 

Fortnightly meeting (about an hour) – In-depth conversation about the last two weeks, consultation and preparation for the next two weeks, Aromatherapy and Bach flower remedy (as needed), Massage therapy. 

Approaching birth - focus on preparing the body and mind for labor & birth: the birth process, breathing techniques, positions, pain relief, etc.

Labor support (doula) - according to your will and to the maternity facility regulations, I will support and assist you throughout the whole labor process with various measures for relief and streaming delivery, to make it a positive experience and an optimal result. 

After birth - guidance and support with breastfeeding, newborn care and primary care for your body. Bach flower remedy to strengthen the body and mind, Aromatherapy products for mom & baby and infant massage instruction. 

 * All treatments are adjusted individually and the stage where a woman is pregnant, and vary from one patient to another and between sessions.