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Ladies & Babies - Natural Aromatherpy Products

All my products contain only natural ingredients, no chemicals, no fragrances.
I use the highest quality, mostly organic materials.
The products are hand-made to order, so to preserve the natural energy and vitality of the ingredients. All products can be customized to your personal need.
Pregnancy & Labor Products
Products tailored specifically for pregnant women and nursing mothers.
Pregnancy massage oil - calming and balancing physically and emotionally
Stretch marks butter/oil - helps preventing and blurring stretch marks
Pregnancy Foot butter - relaxation and rejuvenation and prevention of edema
Perineum oil - improves elasticity and nourishment
Labor massage oil - helps relieving pain, stress and inhibition
Burner/spray blend - cleansing, soothing and refreshing
Second phase Massage oil - helps the flow of labor and pain relief
After spray - healing for traumatized area, helps prevent scaring
Hemorrhoid cream/spray
Nipples ointment - for cracked or wounded nipples, safe for breastfeeding
Hair rejuvenation - helps strengthen and regrow head hair after birth
Baby Products
Products suited for babies 8 weeks and up. (essential oils should not be used on babies younger than that. Products without essential oils are available per request)
Natural Baby massage oil - relaxing for body and mind
Baby Care - diaper and general ointment
Baby Moisture - Hydrating and gentle nourishment cream for dry skin
Baby Soap - natural hypoallergenic liquid soap & shampoo (*from day one)
Scalp oil - helps relive scalp flaking
Diaper rash cream - for red and itchy skin
Baby Winter oil - helps relive coughing stuffiness and sniffles
Protection spray - helps prevent bacterial and viral infections, strengthens the immune system and shortens illness