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Professional - Natural Aromatherpy Products

All my products contain only natural ingredients, no chemicals, no fragrances.
I use the highest quality, mostly organic materials.
The products are hand-made to order, so to preserve the natural energy and vitality of the ingredients. All products can be customized to your personal need.
Pregnancy massage oil - calming and balancing physically and emotionally
Perineum oil - improves elasticity and nourishment
Labor massage oil - helps relieving pain, stress and inhibition
Burner/spray blend - cleansing, soothing and refreshing
Second phase Massage oil - helps the flow of labor and pain relief
Pure almond oil - massage oil for general use and for the perineum at birth
Uplifting spray - spray oils for refreshing energy and improving the atmosphere
Doula Energy - a mixture of oils for coping with fatigue and stress. put on towel or collar
Rescue Remedy - Bach Flower Remedies for a state of shock, fear, hysteria, panic, extreme stress, feelings of despair and insecurity.  (Take orally 4 drops every half hour)
Also suitable for the newborn (put on temples or wrist)
Hygienic natural soap - gentle cleaning and soothing the area
After spray - healing for traumatized area, helps prevent scaring
Bach treatment - Personal Mixes by the mother's needs.  Also suitable for pregnancy and baby.  Addresses the entire range of emotions and balance them (anxiety, fear, despair, mental fatigue, restlessness, obsessive thoughts, etc.).
Reflexology butter – a combination of natural oils and butters that will give you and your clients the perfect experience
Reflexology cream – for facial reflexology, nourishing and absorbed easily
On the target – customize your own Reflexology butter to suite your patients' needs – migraine treatment, IBS, PMS etc. 
Massage therapists
Aromatic massage oil of your choice – you pick which essential oils you want!
Muscles at ease – ointment for muscle pain and cramps
Pure Sesame oil
Pure Sweet Almond oil