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Molluscum Contagiosum
From: H.G.                                                                                   Date: 11/28/2012
My son, age 3.5, suffered from viral skin bumps on his arms, legs and stomach area. The bumps were red and slightly swollen and some were itching. The skin Dr. we saw explained the only treatment is to either wait for them to disappear (can take a year or so) or repeatedly burn the bumps chemically (painful and can leave a scar).
Keren diagnosed it the same way. She suggested starting with a cream with lower dosage of active oils since we are dealing with a child’s sensitive skin. However, after 2 weeks without seeing an improvement, she called us in and mixed a new batch with stronger oils, free of charge.
We used the cream twice a day for about two months until all the bumps were cleared. No scars were left in the process.
I appreciated Keren’s caring follow ups. She is gentle and supportive and I would definitely return to consult with her.
Protection Spray
From: M.E.                                                                                   Date: 10/11/2012
Dear Keren,
I wanted to thank you for the professional care that you have been giving to my 2 year old daughter - R.
Since I use regularly the Protection Spray I purchased from you, R is rarely sick and she manages to overcome the winter bacterial infections even though she is in daycare.
Aromatherapy treatment proved to be effective for her!
Best wishes,
Alternative Treatments
From: N.C                                                                                         Date: 2/14/2012
As a mother of two small children, I have to occasionally deal with diseases, viruses and bacteria of all kinds.
With Karen's courteous help, I met a whole new world of alternative health care, and with her products I can often treat my children without the need for conventional medicine and drugs that are not natural.
For example - for wounds, scrapes and bruises I use the ointment "First Aid", which really takes care of the wound and greatly eases the pain.
During an illness, I use "Protection Spray", developed by Karen. It helps boost the immune system and really works wonders! The Protection Spray is suitable to treat flu or cold, sore throat or stomach pain. I even used it for ear infection - after using the spray the pain was relived and the infection passed.
I also use many other of Karen's product and they never fail! - Natural soap, lip balm (excellent!) And pure oils to treat respiratory problems (myrtle oil combined with inhalation treatment), eucalyptus oil, lavender and more!
In addition to great products I always receive detailed advice, patience and a lot of guidance and knowledge from Karen.
This is a wonderful opportunity to say thanks for everything! For your attention, patience and devoted care!

Natural Customized Shampoo
From: H.L                                                                                          Date: 5/22/2011
Karen, you are a World Champion! Rotem's troublesome head irritation is all gone thanks to your shampoo. What fun! Rotem is quite pleased and so am I.
Thank you!
Tendonitis Ointment
From: M.A.C                                                                                     Date: 3/17/2011
Several months ago, probably due to extreme physical strain, I started to notice a swallowing in my shin, just above the ankle. It began to hurt until finally I could hardly walk. I made an appointment to the doctor but before I want I consulted with Keren, which diagnosed it as a tendon inflammation. She prepared a special oil and asked me to rub into the inflamed place every few hours. I decided not to use the antibiotic treatment subscribed to me by my Orthopedist and used only the oil. After 2 days of intensive treatment the swallowing went down and the area was not as warm and red as it was before. After 2 more days the inflammation was gone for good. Since that day, whenever I or one of the other members of my family start to feel a similar pain, we immediately begin using the majestic oil and get relieved very quickly. I would like to thank you, Keren, for your great work and care and highly recommend your products.
Sincerely yours,

Scar Treatment
From: Y.H                                                                                         Date: 6/10/2010
I used Karen's treatments to blur a surgical scar, and I was very pleased with my treatment. Karen explains patiently, relaxing, and caring I get the expected result. She's very talented and kind, and I recommend her with all my heart.