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Natural Medicine Therapist & Doula
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The Aromatherapy Workshops are a fun way to learn about a fairly serious subject. The interest in natural and alternative therapies is great, but most people are prevented from using alternative therapies due to lack of knowledge or doubt. My aim is to make Aromatherapy simplistic, and something that everyone can experience.
Applied Aromatherapy
In this 2 hour practical workshop you will learn the basics of Aromatherapy and Essential oils. I will give you the knowledge you need to start applying Aromatherapy to every aspect of your life. We will make and use Aromatherapy products and you will make your own personalized therapeutic ointment to take home with you, along with a handbook, summarizing the uses of the most common essential oils.
Kids Care
Learn how to care for your kids in a more natural way. In this workshop we will talk about how we can treat the childhood illnesses like ear infection, stomach flu, bacterial infections, viruses, bruising and so on… and what we can do to strengthen their Immune System.
Natural Cosmetics
In this fun 2 hour practical workshop we will make and sample a few natural skin care products. You will understand how your skin works and what you can do to preserve its beauty. You will also make your own personalized facial or hand cream to take home!
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Baby Massage
Baby Massage is natural, nurturing and extremely beneficial for babies’ growth and development. In this workshop I take you hand-in-hand and teach you various baby-massage techniques, when and how to massage, Aromatherapy for babies and much more!
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Want to host a workshop at your house or workplace?
If you would like to do something educating, interesting and new for your birthday, your kids birthday (12 and older), your work colleagues – contact me and we will make it an event to remember!