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Learn Baby Massage

Baby Massage is natural, nurturing and extremely beneficial for babies’ growth and development.
Why is Baby Massage so important?
  • Stimulates Immune system, Digestion and Nervous System
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Balances muscle tone
  • Improves sensory awareness
  • Helps the baby to relax and sleep better
  • Calms the baby and can reduce colic, gas and stress
  • Helps develop the brain and define the borders of the body
Give yourself and your baby a gift for life
♥ Establish bonding attachment between parent and baby
♥ Share a place and a time to be together, free from the worries and pressures of everyday life
♥ A child who receives touch, warmth and listening, will know how to give those to others
Private lessons in your own home or at my cozy practice
You will learn                                      + a gift - Natural Baby Massage Oil
Various massage techniques
When and how to massage
Tips for treating infancy problems
Aromatherapy for babies
And much more!    
Group classes are available as well. Contact me for more information.